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As Mississippi's second oldest bank, Bank of Yazoo has a long history of serving customer's lending needs, and is ready to partner with YOU. No matter your need, you can be assured that we have a lending solution just for YOU.

By partnering with Bank of Yazoo for your loan, you are guaranteed:

  • Knowledgeable and Highly Trained Consumer Lending Staff
  • Quick Loan Production Turn-Around Time
  • Loans are Serviced 100% "In‑House"
  • Competitive Rates


To ensure that you are getting the best service possible, we offer online applications for the following loan options. Don't see the kind of loan you are looking for? Apply for a Mortgage loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, or Construction loan by visiting one of our convenient locations near YOU!


Unsecured Installment Loans

Unsecured installment loans provide financing for your expenses. These loans do not require collateral for qualified applicants. Apply for an unsecured installment loan with Bank of Yazoo today!

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Recreational Equipment Loans

Want to purchase an ATV or UTV for your next fun adventure? We offer financing for any kind of recreational vehicle or equipment with our same competitive rates and great service! Apply for a recreational equipment loan with Bank of Yazoo today!

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Boat Loans

Whether you are looking for a small hunting boat or your next fishing boat, Bank of Yazoo has the financing for YOU! Our highly trained staff is ready to set you up for your next outing on the water. Apply for a boat loan with Bank of Yazoo today!

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Automobile Loans

Is a new or previously owned vehicle, motorcycle, or RV in your future? At Bank of Yazoo, we will make sure that purchasing your new ride is as smooth as possible. Apply for an automobile loan with Bank of Yazoo today!

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CD and Savings Secured Loans

By choosing a CD and savings secured loan over a traditional loan or other lines of credit, you will receive a preferred interest rate. Apply for a CD and savings secured loan with Bank of Yazoo today!

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Line of Credit

Unexpected expenses or purchasing a big ticket item? With our line of credit, you can still afford the expenses that come with your day to day life. Apply for a line of credit with Bank of Yazoo today!

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Loans are subject to credit approval. For more complete details, please contact a Loan Officer at any of our convenient locations.